Cultural Studies

‘Cultural Studies’ is an online multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual academic ‘Research Platform’ providing those individuals a golden opportunity to accomplish their creative thoughts who are longing to be illuminated in their respective areas. It aims at spreading innovative ideas, research outputs in impartial and unbiased manners around the globe to contribute to the educational as well as intellectual society at large. It is intended to bring out this electronic journal in quarterly mode with refined research entities, breaking the limitations of time to meet with the rising sun.



This journal invites articles on wide range of areas of Science, Social Science & Humanities such as :

  • Indigenous Studies
  • Literature Criticism
  • Language and Linguistic Criticism
  • Film Studies & Film Criticism
  • Media Studies (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • Fine & Visual Arts, Crafts/ Artifacts
  • Regional Heritage
  • Different types of Performing Art & Criticism:
    • Dance
    • Song
    • Theatre
  • Different genres of Folklore and Tribal Studies namely-
    • Literature
    • Language
    • Magic
    • Taboo
    • Religion
    • Rituals
    • Customs
    • Belief & Superstitions
    • Song
    • Dance
    • Theatre
    • Games
    • Art & Crafts (Visual arts, Artifacts)
  • Regional Heritage
  • Popular Culture
  • Subaltern studies
  • Feminism
  • Topics based on Science, Social Science & Humanities.

The researcher or scholars are requested to write articles or papers on above mentioned fields. Although the articles must not be limited to these field but related to them in larger context.


The authors are solely responsible for the opinions/comments expressed in the articles/papers: The members of the Editorial Board/ Reviewer or publishers of Cultural Studies do not take the responsibility of the opinions/comments made by the authors. In case of plagiarism also sole responsibility lies with the author.